Born in the misty emerald hillscapes of Nuwara Eliya, she is a daughter of nature.

Dancing through dreams of wanderlust, her anklets echo her vibrant laughter across the elements.

Fearless and bold, her palette is filled with rainbows and her creativity is humbled by a simple and relatable vision of nature, culture and adventure.

Introducing a multi-faceted wife, mother, friend, dancer, designer, entrepreneur, restaurateur and artist extraordinaire – Crishanthi Viraj Panchal – or simply, ‘Crish”.

From the world of art to the world of business, Crish has spent years establishing her reputation as a restaurateur with The Mango Tree and Jack Tree as well as Krish Ethnic Aura.

Yet, her true persona can only be appreciated through her art and eager to pour her heart out on to her canvas and express her artistic vision, Crish masterfully blends oil paintings and ceramic embellishments with bursts of colour and an insightful depth into understanding the cultural and artistic significance of painting a deity loved by millions.

Spurred by culture and nature, her paintings are a reflection of her own personal connection to the sky, sea and earth.

Her art speaks to feelings of joy and hope but are also heavily influenced by the passion and need to create awareness of how the effects of human behaviour impact the world around us.

Her creations are insightful and moving and highlight the inescapable damage inflicted by humans on the purity and innocence of nature. The emotion fuelled by the thoughts of the debris and waste floating in the depths of the ocean alongside aquatic marvels that deserve our love and protection, fills her brush strokes with sorrow.

Today, her inaugural collection covers a diverse and interesting range of culture and nature and focuses heavily on Lord Ganesha.

Mischievous and endearing, millions seek the blessings of the lovable Lord Ganesha before embarking on a journey. Fittingly, Crish will reveal her artistry through a personal collection of paintings depicting Lord Ganesha in all his captivating avatars as she embarks on her own journey of embracing her true spirit and colourful identity.

Welcome to Art by Crish.